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Friday, May 31, 2013


Sponsor a Feral Cat

Connect with a cat in need while making a lasting investment in his/her future.


Donate to our medical fund by sending contributions directly to:

Richard Palmquist, DVM
Centinela Animal Hospital
721 Centinela Ave.
Inglewood, CA 90302-2494
(310) 673-1910
Ref: Kevin Krell/Ravine Cats

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Help our Feral Colony

CEO: Fancy Girl

RAVINE CATS are a managed feral colony living in the wilds of Los Angeles, situated at an intersection of city, county and state lands.

Lately, we've become concerned about our old age, medical care, and ensuring a steady food supply.

While not above begging, we wish to control our own destinies and provide for our retirement, through offering you products we're sure you'll find of value.


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You can help by purchasing your regular pet items from our SECURE online store.  We offer a broad line, including flea products, toys, beds, carriers, training crates, treats, supplements, and cleaning items.

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Caretaker's Corner

The feral cat caretaker is the direct lifeline to feral cats and kittens. They offer them the right to life and provide the solution for humane population control, and long-term managed care.

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